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How Is It Working at one of the Fastest Growing Companies in the USA?

The pandemic has brought with it a bevy of responsibilities that people all over the world have needed to take care of. While it was a tad easier for the more established companies to deal with as they had age-old processes in place that just needed a little tweaking, for startups it proved to be a bit challenging as many components in our work are quite volatile. Ascentt is one of the fastest-growing companies in the US, and while we’re a boutique company, we have a strong set of guidelines and processes in place that have helped cement us as one of the best places to work– pandemic or not.

Here’s what we’ve done, and how it’s like working with us.

We Work on Cutting Edge Technology

Many technologists today are intrigued by the newest developments taking place in their fields, right? Those are the areas we prefer to work in. Rather than focusing on legacy technologies, we work on cutting-edge areas such as analytics, AI/ML, deep learning, etc. That provides value for many techies as these are the most happening areas to work in. It makes sense that they would want to work in one of these fields since they’re high in demand in the industry.

As we work in these areas, our team is motivated to learn as much as they can and do their very best. Not only does that invigorate them intellectually, but it also keeps them engaged and abreast of things. It gives them space to experiment and come up with innovative solutions for everyday problems. It also prepares them for a future in the field as these domains are only going to get more popular in the coming years. That makes working here exciting and deeply enriching.

Genuine Interest in Our Employees

We take a deep and genuine interest in each of our employees. We get to know them on a personal level and draw out their dreams and aspirations for themselves. We help them align those with the goals of the company. That way, we’re making sure each day feels like a deeply rewarding experience that is helping each employee grow as a person. We encourage each member to guide and support each other as well. We’re a boutique company with Fortune 50 clients, and each team member is deeply involved with the projects.

We regularly create programs and events to aid our employees in leveling up. These will help them create strong careers that will help them achieve everything they want to while working. Also, more than hierarchies, red tape, or anything else, we value skills. Therefore, we’re dedicated to understanding what our employees need to learn and helping them learn exactly those. That’s what makes it interesting and invigorating to work with us. We take them on a clear growth path.

Powerful Leadership

Ascentt has a powerful team of leaders showing everyone the way. They’re experts in their field and with decades of experience delivering large system integrations. They specialize in CRM, business intelligence and analytics, and supply chain application implementations. Together, with the combination of their knowledge and experience, our leadership is well equipped to inspire and motivate our teams to greater heights.

The leadership is also down to earth, and we believe in having a transparent hierarchy. That way our employees will be able to reach out for guidance at any point they need. Such a flat hierarchy will help all our employees gain the direction and motivation that they need. It’s also more inspiring in general to be able to have direct communication with your company’s leaders. That’s what we believe, and it has led to us succeeding every step of the way.

Customer-Centric Methods

All our projects are guided by the client’s business objectives. Continuous participation improves end-user adoption, and a phased delivery approach allows customers to measure their progress. Detailed documentation, knowledge transfer, and support enable an efficient and smooth transition. By combining onsite and offsite resources, on-shore and offshore development, we’ve cut down the cost of consulting engagements and offered cost benefits to our clients.

This has created a delivery model that is product specific, with a pre-defined methodology and detailed documentation. That has created a strong culture of customer-centric methods as well as strong communication between our employees and our clients. That has enabled us to create the kind of environment that’s conducive for our employees to feel like they are building lifelong connections while serving their customers to the best of their ability.

All these factors have led to the creation of a company culture that nurtures our employees and helps them thrive at whatever they do. It’s also the reason we’re one of the fastest-growing companies in the country. Happy and fulfilled employees create an energized culture, ready to tackle each project with joie de vivre and more.

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