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What Is So Exciting About Oracle’s Adaptive Intelligent Apps?

The Redwood City Tech giant, Oracle, like other IT companies, has taken a big leap in the area of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Called as Adaptive Intelligent Apps, Oracle recently announced a host of AI-driven capabilities across its Customer Experience Cloud Suite.  According to Oracle, these capabilities are designed to help users to deliver better personal experiences.

The Adaptive Intelligent Apps (AIA) can react and adapt in real time based on the customer data (both, historical as well as dynamic). This is possible through the application of advanced data science and machine learning to Oracle’s web-scale data and an organization’s own data. The AIA are powered leverage the insights from Oracle Data Cloud, which boasts of a collection of over 5 billion IDs and more than 7.5 trillion monthly data points.

With Adaptive Intelligent Apps, it has become extremely easy for companies to onboard AI capabilities and take a smarter approach to business transformation. With these plug-and-play apps, organizations don’t need to invest in hiring data scientists or worry about time-consuming and expensive integration projects.

Oracle Adaptive Intelligence Apps Are Different – Here is Why

Following are some of the unique characteristics of Adaptive Intelligent Apps which make these apps different –

  • Business-Oriented: Using the apps does not require an army of data scientists. The apps are available as plug-and-play, thereby offering immediate business value to organizations.
  • Omni-channel: These apps track data, events, and user behaviors across multiple channels and coordinate that to provide actionable and personalized recommendations across channels.
  • Not Only data-driven, but also context-driven: The apps have the capability to process humongous amount of data in real-time data and understand the context so as to offer the most personalized outcomes. The apps don’t just deliver data-driven results, but also ensure that the results are totally context-driven.
  • Adaptive/ Self-train: Based on the user interactions, the apps improve the outcomes because the system is designed to react, learn and adapt on a continuous basis. The apps are self-learning – the user interactions with the app truly enhance the value of the app.

Benefits for Business Units

Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Applications offer direct benefits for various business units by offering them actionable business and customer insights and help them make more informed business decisions.


Using the AI-powered capabilities, marketers can create seamless, cross-channel, and personalized experiences for the customers. Marketers, even those addressing a large audience, can deliver relevant and personalized content to each individual customer. Through such personalized engagements across all the channels, marketers have a greater chance of capturing the attention of the consumers and driving meaningful engagement so that the conversion can be improved.


The AIA apps are set to bring a landmark change by optimizing the entire selling process for both customers and the sales people. The apps create a win-win situation for both the parties by providing the right offer to the right customer at the right time through the right digital medium. The sales professionals become more productive as all the information is at their disposal and they have the liberty to choose the best action to close the deal. Through the right analysis of opportunity and using account engagement, the sales people can close more deals.

Customer Service

New AI-power capabilities are a boon for customer service professionals because it empowers them to offer the right information with the right customer at the right time on the right channel. This helps in quick resolution of customer issues. Apart from this, by leveraging the predictive product failure, predictive account health, and predictive recommendation capabilities, the customer service professionals can stay connected with the customers – this helps in improving the customer advocacy and loyalty.


Oracle’s AI-powered capabilities are set to transform the overall commerce space. By considering the shopper’s immediate context, the AI apps can convert static journeys into dynamic ones and deliver highly targeted content and product to the shoppers based on their immediate needs. Such recommendations are offered by using the customer data, third-party data, and real-time inputs. The end goal is to improve loyalty, repeat visits and revenue for the eCommerce site.

Through AI-powered capabilities, the Oracle CX Cloud Suite helps organizations take a smarter approach to digital transformation and customer experience management. With such product enhancements, Oracle has reinforced its commitment towards an innovation-driven approach to software development and delivery.

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