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Let’s Understand the Career Opportunities in AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have swiftly become mainstream. According to a study by PWC, the AI industry is going to contribute more than $15 trillion to the global economy by 2030.

As per a World Economic Forum report, career opportunities in AI will increase by 2025. Digitization and automation are expected to be adopted by over 80% of businesses. The same report also highlights how 2025 will be a demanding year for skills such as analytical thinking and creativity on the back of data and artificial intelligence. This creates a whole new pool of career opportunities in AI for candidates with suitable skills.

Along those lines, let’s take a look at the career opportunities in AI.

Data Scientist

Data is the essence of artificial intelligence. As of today, data scientists are required in hefty numbers to understand consumer and market trends. Data experts help collect, analyze, and interpret data for strategic business growth and decision-making. They are equipped with the knowledge of leveraging analytics and reporting tools to make sense of the data. Technical skills such as statistical analysis, mathematics, data visualization, deep learning, machine learning, etc., are critical for a career as a data scientist.

Developer – ML/AI

AI or ML developers/engineers design the software that leads to actionable insights. These experts are part of cross-functional teams to predict future outcomes by developing high-end models. AI system development, deployment, and upkeep are the general responsibilities of a developer or engineer. However, ML/AI developers can wear a variety of hats, be it research and development, production, or design.

As a result, this is a 360-degree role that opens up a variety of avenues down the line as one gets adept at their job. If you wish to pursue this career, you must have sound knowledge of programming languages such as python alongside a profound knowledge of statistics and AI-related concepts.

Business Intelligence Developer

A business intelligence developer has a sharp acumen for handling business interfaces. Churning large data sets and making them adaptable to the business is the key responsibility of a business intelligence developer. These professionals take assistance from AI to rapidly grow the business.

The right candidate for this kind of profile should have a stronghold in coding languages and a profound understanding of data visualization and reporting. Every growing business will need a business intelligence developer to thrive in the market with unique AI-powered business intelligence solutions.

Research Scientist

A research scientist is the backbone of any artificial intelligence or machine learning team. They are experts who know the ins and outs of applied mathematics, machine learning, and statistics. They are expected to bring something new to the table using AI and ML.

Research scientists are experts in their domain and often hold a doctorate or master’s degree in mathematics or computer science. As such, they are expected to have in-depth knowledge of graphical models, natural processing language, and deep learning, among others.

It is a research-heavy role, and often, the enrolled employees are in the background, away from clients or consumer-facing roles. However, this can vary from industry to industry.

Product Manager

A product manager enjoys a mid-seniority position in a company. This high-paying career often starts with understanding the backend and frontend of the business. They are responsible for looking at the larger picture and discerning how to articulate success.

In essence, product managers interpret the data and try to come across a variety of solutions to grow the business or cross roadblocks. Therefore, the product manager role requires an amalgamation of technology and business. People with sound knowledge of AI and the market are often deemed fit for these positions.

Big Data Analyst

Big Data analysts are masters of Spark and Hadoop. They need to have efficiency in not just programming languages but in data mining, data churning, and data visualization. Any decision made using AI is based on data. This is, in fact, a great career to pursue to step into the world of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The Final Word

AI and ML landscape is booming. The demand for skilled AI and ML professionals is rapidly rising as businesses are seeking to leverage data to boost their bottom line.

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