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Let’s Talk about Your Career (and Personal) Growth at Ascentt

Talk about X Analytics, deep learning, digital automation, data fabric, decision intelligence, data catalog, predictive and preventive maintenance, NLP, cognitive computing, decision tree and random forest, neural networks, machine learning, supervised and unsupervised learning, regression and classification, real-time video and image processing, computer vision, and more, Ascentt is acing at them all. With a bunch of energetic, vibrant, flexible, dedicated individuals working on such innovative and cutting-edge technologies, the work culture at Ascentt is charged with a positive air of achieving new goals each day.

Our team proudly serves various clients across different industries including High Tech, Media & Entertainment, Telecommunications, Consumer Business, Healthcare, Bio-Technology, and Financial Services. Such passionate professionals at work have been helping several fortune companies make the most of their data analytics and AI/ML initiatives.

The overall culture of providing equal opportunity to all the employees has a huge impact on client excellence too. A combined team effort is a backbone in structuring and solving complex business problems and ensuring that the clients are satisfied with sustainable and scalable solutions.

Who are we?

Ascentt is a niche technology consulting company delivering solutions in the areas of data analytics, AI, ML, deep learning, and IoT. We are also a preferred AWS partner. We work with several Fortune 50 companies and help them leverage these cutting-edge technologies to create maximum business impact. The top automotive, manufacturing, and entertainment companies in the world trust Ascentt for its deep technology expertise and vast experience in solving their most complex business challenges.

We are a boutique company where every team member is closely associated with the project and is engaged in his growth simultaneously. We leap forward with each of the clients and have become transformation partners for them, creating tangible business impact.

The professional and personal growth of employees at Ascentt

Growth is how you like to see it. As a company working in cutting-edge tech areas, Ascentt inspires its technologists to stay updated about the latest happenings in the world of technologies. And it is so good to see that most of the technologists are making conscious efforts to up-skill/re-skill themselves. Through our dedicated learning and development initiatives, we ensure that the people at Ascentt can constantly learn new things, upgrade their knowledge, and gain insights into newer approaches and methodologies.

Visibility into real-world challenges

We don’t treat projects as just “projects”. At the beginning of any problem-solving, we encourage our employees to look at the bigger picture and focus on real-world challenges. This helps achieve a global solution to the problem at hand, paving the way for similar solutions for other clients as well. This strategy creates critical thinking in our professionals and allows them to see problems on a larger scale.  Employees will get visibility into live projects, and they can learn by studying the real-world challenges. There is an opportunity to explore their passions and interests in modern fields like data analysis, data engineering, full-stack development, Machine/Deep learning, or data science.

Training and certification programs

Our training programs offer product expertise and hands-on implementation experience from expert field professionals for those. These programs are designed to provide the required technical knowledge, and best practices, along with a practical implementation approach and methodology.

Work exposure with Fortune 100 clients

Working with Fortune 100 clients is always an advantage for our employees. Working with such big companies means interacting with knowledgeable stakeholders at their end, solving highly critical challenges, working on the latest technologies, and getting first-hand experience in delivering a tangible business impact. All these things massively contribute toward the professional and personal growth of the individuals.

Experience in cutting-edge tech areas

We work in creating solutions using cutting-edge technologies. Learning AI, BI, and ML and applying them to solve customer pain points. As these are constantly evolving technologies with newer use cases coming up every day,  there is a lot of learning and enables employees to think out of the box for new-age tech complications.

Open hierarchy

All you need at a workplace is equal opportunities, leadership roles, coaching and mentoring, a strong network of allies, and no discrimination and judgment. This is exactly what Ascentt has to offer. A conducive environment to sharpen your unique strengths and leverage them for the right projects. There will be leaders and colleagues who can help you find your interests and succeed.

More than titles, at Ascentt, skills matter. There are no hierarchies, no red tape; just a clear growth path.

While building the hard skills, we strongly suggest technologists focus on building power skills such as critical thinking, innovation, leadership, and communication. Especially in the new normal of hybrid workplaces, building, cultivating, and sustaining such skills will be critical to individual and organizational success.

Our Vision

We work on long-term goals for our clients and employees equally. Our leaders have the vision to empower every person working with us to achieve more, to be a better version of themselves. We strive to create opportunities that impact individual growth and, in turn, make the company stand out in its forte. While delivering the best-in-class services, we are conscious about hiring folks who can constantly learn and grow, love to solve the most complex problems, and help us build a larger team. If such a work culture inspires you, come and join us; be a part of a thriving and dynamic group.

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