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About Ascentt

The A Team

Enterprise Excellence is achieved by taking a holistic view of products, processes and resources to make informed, fact based decisions and applying them to optimize quality, cost and risks associated to the enterprise operations. 

Enabling Enterprise Excellence, Ascentt strives to be a trusted partner to the modern enterprise by helping them realize value from their data assets and cloud platforms with our innovative AI/ML, data science, analytics and cloud solutions.

Having spent a few years in Big4 consulting environments, Ascentt founders felt that data and analytics was seen as a component of bigger transformation projects and enterprise applications. They saw a need to drive digital transformations with an “Insights First” approach which gave birth to the idea of Ascentt.

This Insights First approach has allowed Ascentt to evolve into an solution provider that is helping clients transform their business processes with solid data foundations and innovative insights solution with AI/ML, Data Science and Advanced Analytics solutions.

“We strive to be the Trusted Advisor on our client’s business problems by understanding the critical elements of their business requirements and providing innovative, affordable and sustainable technology solutions”

Ascentt differentiates itself by the quality of its specialized resources and best in class delivery methodology that enable us to provide more value with less investment.


“A Trusted partner advising clients with accountability, respect and mutual success”

We believe that technology is just a tool and making it an enabler requires an environment that fosters trusted partnerships. We have been able to build long term relationships with clients, consultants and alliance partners alike based on our Trusted Advisor philosophy with the focus on:

The A Difference

  • Unlimited training and opportunities for employees to learn new skills, gain knowledge, and develop soft skills.
  • Buddy Program, uses dedicated mentor relationships among the employees to learn from each other.
  • Industry and Domain Coaching, to help employees quickly learn about client’s industry and business processes to jumpstart their contribution.
Team Spirit
  • The A Team is “One Team”. There are Teams, not individuals at Ascentt. We believe in working as a team, running as a team and learning as a team. Our collaborative approach is evident in our team members willingness to stand behind each other, and constantly supporting each other in ups and downs of work and personal lives.
  • Ensuring every member of the A team is valued, appreciated and supported is just another way of recognizing their contribution to building The A Brand. In addition, A-Care is our way of contributing back to the community and to the planet. We ensure that every employee is connected to a bigger purpose and understands how their work impacts.