Social Community Intelligence


More and more consumers are spending a majority of their online time on Social Media and Online Communities. Social Media has become a driving force for organizations to better understand and connect with their customers. Today, companies are increasingly investing in Social Media and Online Communities to capitalize on this valuable resource of information. But the majority of these companies are still struggling with how to best use the different channels, gauge their effectiveness, and integrate social media into their strategies.

Once just one way communication, Social Media is now a two-way and collaborative interaction that provides key information that directly impacts your business ecosystem. With the explosion and number of Social Media channels, organizations today have to look at ways to better understand, measure and monitor these social interactions that significantly drive brand awareness, gather key business insights and aids critical decision making that impact your business.

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The Social Community Intelligence Solution

ASCENTT has developed a unique Social Media and Online Community Intelligence solution to effectively monitor, extract and utilize the data from these social channels and online communities. The Solution built on industry leading Oracle technology (Oracle Business Intelligence 11g and Oracle Data Miner) can finally now enable organizations to grab hold of this social universe of information and key data, allowing them to:

  • Understand the power and impact of the Social Media Universe
  • Extract and Utilize the data for greater insights
  • Gain deeper knowledge into social interactions
  • Identify patterns and trends in social behavior
  • Measure the benefit of your Social Media investments

Social Media Analytics Capabilities

  • Community Member Demographics Analysis
  • Community Interests / Member Profile Analysis
  • Featured Community Members – Level of Participation Analysis
  • Pulse of the Community – Event Analysis
  • Member Activity, growth, involvement, embracement, engagement
  • Social Engagement analysis based level of participation
  • Activity – Survey Responses by demographics Analysis
  • Discussion, Post, session chat analysis by member reply, media
  • Number of like/dislikes, comments, uploads, downloads, responses
  • Quantitative as well as Qualitative Insights
  • Sentiments – Positive as well as Negative variants analysis
  • Text Comments, Discussion Posts, Session Chat mining –Tag Cloud

With the right tool and solution, ASCENTT can provide you:

  • Single, robust Social Community Intelligence solution entirely built on Oracle technology
  • Flexible tool to incorporate data from a variety of sources and channels
  • Analysis of sentiment, behaviors, text, content
  • Real Time ability to Analyze, Measure, Gather Insights and Take Action