Real-Time Analytics


Long-term strategic decision making could be based on historical metrics derived from day-old or week-old data. In today’s competitive business world, companies need to see ROI from their data warehouse and BI investments, not just in strategic planning but also in operational decision making. Companies need to keep an eye on every single opportunity captured, revenue generation event, and cost saving opportunities to improve customer satisfaction and retention. By combining historical data with real-time operational data, data warehouses enable a much-larger population of business users to make more-informed, proactive decisions. However, to achieve these efficiencies, data must be provided real-time.

“One of the emerging trends that stand out in the market is greater demand for real-time or near real-time data integration”
-IDC’s Survey Results (Overcoming Data Integration and Data Quality Challenges: End-User Survey Results)

Ascentt’s innovative Real Time Analytics solution for CRM and ERP applications deliver real-time access to operational information, enabling companies to dramatically improve the availability, reliability, and performance of critical data across enterprise systems. By adopting our Real Time solution, organizations gain faster ROI from their existing BI & DW investment.

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Our Real-time Analytics Solution features Oracle GoldenGate, Oracle’s market leading Real-Time data integration platform. Oracle GoldenGate provides low-impact capture, routing, transformation, and delivery of database transactions across heterogeneous environments in real-time. Oracle GoldenGate also compliments existing Oracle products for:

  • Zero downtime migration and upgrades
  • Continuous availability of heterogeneous systems
  • Query offloading
  • Disaster recovery and data protection (Hot Standby)

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