Oracle GoldenGate

Leading companies have recognized the importance of taking a strategic approach to data integration in order to reduce costs, enable business intelligence, and unlock operational efficiencies. Database-specific optimizations are as much needed as information management in an organization.

Oracle GoldenGate technology extends the Oracle Fusion Middleware product family, providing critical real-time data needs for heterogeneous databases. It has been designed to abstract the differences between databases, whether open systems, relational, legacy, or open source.

Ascentt provides excellent services in real time data integration, high availability, and data center cost reduction through Oracle’s GoldenGate technology. AscenttĀ consultant provides a comprehensive continuous availability solution-set for protecting against all types of planned and unplanned downtime.

GoldenGate Technology features:

  • Replication and data migrations of data within data centers
  • High availability of data
  • Heterogeneous database support for Oracle GoldenGate includes IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Teradata, Netezza, Enscribe, HP NonStop SQL, and others
  • Optimize to provide the best performance for capturing and delivering data

Ascentt offered services are:

  • DR architecture review
  • Data Integration interface design and build
  • Data replication and monitoring
  • GoldenGate and DB Production Support