Endeca Information Discovery

Endeca Information Discovery is the key to rapidly exploring all your relevant data.

With Ascentt, you will learn how to leverage Oracle’s Endeca Information Discovery platform into your overall strategy.

Information Discovery

Information Discovery has grown rapidly in the Business Intelligence marketplace, focusing on the issues that today’s traditional Business Intelligence solutions present us with. Information Discovery allows for collaboration between technology and business analysts to quickly explore all relevant data sources.

Information Discovery is relevant to your organization if you hear the following commentary:

  • Traditional BI is too slow to adapt to our business
  • The business does not know what questions to ask
  • IT does not know which model will work
  • Time and cost of modeling is prohibitive
  • Presence of unstructured data
  • Your business users are non-technical

Information Discovery is an approach that derives its data model from data association, providing the ability to allow technology and business users to rapidly prototype data to fulfill latent requirements, removing the traditional BI approach and timelines, providing insight beyond the data warehouse.

Information Discovery stores structured, unstructured, jagged data, social media data in a format that allows advanced search capabilities and faceted navigation across the information.

A Solution for Information Discovery

Oracle’s new Information Discovery offering is the Endeca Information Discovery Platform. Endeca’s platform allows for rapid ingestion of structured, unstructured and messy data. The integration suite allows data sources to be quickly absorbed into the Endeca Server, removing the need for the creation and population of a static data model. The Endeca Studio allows the business user to rapidly build dashboards and explore data through the use of breadcrumbs, advanced search and guided navigation.

Today, Endeca is be used in many industries providing capabilities that allow brand analysis, analysis of insurance claims, analysis of sentiment analytics, click behavior, and analysis of warranty claims.