We offer an end-to-end service portfolio of IT strategy and implementation services, enabling us to become an exclusive partner with our clients and helping them on all aspects of their Information Technology Initiatives. We provide clients with a full spectrum of project life-cycle management and post production support, relating to their IT needs including: IT strategy and Implementation Roadmap, Business Process Analysis, Requirements Gathering, Application Design, Architecture and Infrastructure Sizing and Assessment, Application Development, Performance Tuning, Testing and QA, and Deployment and Production Support.

Ascentt’s ability to provide Services through the entire project life cycle means our clients can have one consistent implementation partner to deliver each phase of their project.

BI & Data Warehousing

Organizations have made significant investments in operational applications to improve operational efficiencies. What separates successful organizations from their competitors is their ability to transform the transactional data into actionable information which enables management excellence.

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Enterprise Performance Management

To remain agile in today’s fast-changing global market, organizations must find a better way to manage mission-critical processes than spreadsheets and point solutions. Management applications need more effective solution for integrating strategy, planning, and execution.

Oracle’s market-leading performance management applications are modular suite of integrated applications that integrate with both Oracle and non-Oracle transactional systems. Integrating strategic, financial, and operational management processes can be implemented as individual modules.

Ascentt consultants develop applications to support strategic planning and goal setting, financial and operational planning, the end-to-end financial close and reporting process, and profitability management in a comprehensive and fully integrated suite.

Ascentt aligns finance and operations processes through Oracle’s business planning solutions, enabling organizations to plan and forecast with greater precision. Customer can accelerate financial close and reporting processes with greater transparency and confidence in their numbers.

Oracle Enterprise performance management offers:

  • Strategy Management
  • Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Financial Close and Reporting
  • Profitability Management

Ascentt offers comprehensive services for deploying and maintaining Oracle EPM solutions including:

  • EPM Health-check
  • Maturity Analysis
  • Fit Gap Analysis
  • Hyperion Implementation
  • Hyperion Upgrade
  • Hyperion Administration and Production Support
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Endeca Information Discovery

Endeca Information Discovery is the key to rapidly exploring all your relevant data.

With Ascentt, you will learn how to leverage Oracle’s Endeca Information Discovery platform into your overall strategy.

Information Discovery

Information Discovery has grown rapidly in the Business Intelligence marketplace, focusing on the issues that today’s traditional Business Intelligence solutions present us with. Information Discovery allows for collaboration between technology and business analysts to quickly explore all relevant data sources.

Information Discovery is relevant to your organization if you hear the following commentary:

  • Traditional BI is too slow to adapt to our business
  • The business does not know what questions to ask
  • IT does not know which model will work
  • Time and cost of modeling is prohibitive
  • Presence of unstructured data
  • Your business users are non-technical

Information Discovery is an approach that derives its data model from data association, providing the ability to allow technology and business users to rapidly prototype data to fulfill latent requirements, removing the traditional BI approach and timelines, providing insight beyond the data warehouse.

Information Discovery stores structured, unstructured, jagged data, social media data in a format that allows advanced search capabilities and faceted navigation across the information.

A Solution for Information Discovery

Oracle’s new Information Discovery offering is the Endeca Information Discovery Platform. Endeca’s platform allows for rapid ingestion of structured, unstructured and messy data. The integration suite allows data sources to be quickly absorbed into the Endeca Server, removing the need for the creation and population of a static data model. The Endeca Studio allows the business user to rapidly build dashboards and explore data through the use of breadcrumbs, advanced search and guided navigation.

Today, Endeca is be used in many industries providing capabilities that allow brand analysis, analysis of insurance claims, analysis of sentiment analytics, click behavior, and analysis of warranty claims.

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Oracle GoldenGate

Leading companies have recognized the importance of taking a strategic approach to data integration in order to reduce costs, enable business intelligence, and unlock operational efficiencies. Database-specific optimizations are as much needed as information management in an organization.

Oracle GoldenGate technology extends the Oracle Fusion Middleware product family, providing critical real-time data needs for heterogeneous databases. It has been designed to abstract the differences between databases, whether open systems, relational, legacy, or open source.

Ascentt provides excellent services in real time data integration, high availability, and data center cost reduction through Oracle’s GoldenGate technology. Ascentt consultant provides a comprehensive continuous availability solution-set for protecting against all types of planned and unplanned downtime.

GoldenGate Technology features:

  • Replication and data migrations of data within data centers
  • High availability of data
  • Heterogeneous database support for Oracle GoldenGate includes IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Teradata, Netezza, Enscribe, HP NonStop SQL, and others
  • Optimize to provide the best performance for capturing and delivering data

Ascentt offered services are:

  • DR architecture review
  • Data Integration interface design and build
  • Data replication and monitoring
  • GoldenGate and DB Production Support
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Systems Integration

In recent years, enterprise IT has taken the ownership of multiple disparate enterprise application due to mergers, acquisitions and deployment of specialized applications for various business functions. All these applications often share or rely upon a common set of information and data.

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