OBIEE 11G Upgrade- Considerations

Considerations With the latest release of OBIEE 11g (, Oracle Business Intelligence Technology Foundation become best in class in SMB as well as Enterprise organization Some new key features that will benefit OBIEE guys in pursuing for OBIEE 11g Upgrade Upgrade of an existing OBIEE 10g system to OBIEE 11g requires careful planning, preparation, setup… [Continue Reading]

When Administrator Opens the Online Repository in Read Only Mode

dns configuration

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g ( installed on SuSe Linux 64-bit (OBIEE could be installed on any platform) Oracle BI Administrator 11g installed on Windows 32-bit (Administrator could be on Windows 7 64-bit) ODBC System DSN created to connect with the BI Server running on the remote server. Using the OBI Administrator to connecting… [Continue Reading]


You will hit an error when accessing OBIEE URL if INSTANCECONFIG.XML is added with more tags. On the BIEE10g, the following tag (customization) added to the instanceconfig.xml file, it works ok. But on BIEE11G, if add these tag to the <Dashboard> <EnableBookmarkURL>False</EnableBookmarkURL> <EnablePromptedURL>False</EnablePromptedURL> <BookmarkExpirationDays>0</BookmarkExpirationDays> </Dashboard> <PivotView> <MaxVisibleColumns>5000</MaxVisibleColumns> <MaxVisiblePages>2500</MaxVisiblePages> <MaxVisibleRows>500000</MaxVisibleRows> <MaxVisibleSections>5000</MaxVisibleSections> <CubeMaxRecords>100000</CubeMaxRecords> <CubeMaxPopulatedCells>10000000</CubeMaxPopulatedCells> <MaxCells>500000</MaxCells> </PivotView> <Auth>… [Continue Reading]

When Running 11g Upgrade Assistant For Scheduler Upgrade Returns Error like ‘It cannot be upgraded‘

Upgrading BI Scheduler from 10g to 11g results in Upgrade Assistant errors: [2011-08-17T13:43:30.592-04:00] [BISCHEDULER] [ERROR] [] [upgrade.BISCHEDULER] [tid: 12] [ecid: 0000J7OpnfdCKu85zjx0iW1EIzZz000003,0] oracle.ias.upgrade.exception.UpgradeException: UPGCMP-05001: The 10g table OBIEE.S_NQ_JOB doesnt use the default columns. It cannot be upgraded[[ at at at at at at oracle.ias.mrua.MRUA.executePlugins( at oracle.ias.mrua.MRUA.internal_driver( at oracle.ias.mrua.MRUA.driver( at [2011-08-17T13:55:05.882-04:00]… [Continue Reading]

Authentication Failure in OBIEE 11g

We delete the user and then recreate and attempt to log in, application access is restored. However this is not a viable option because when deleting the user, the internal attribute ID defining “My Folders” access and any other user based privileges will not have an association with the newly re-created user account blackjack (this… [Continue Reading]

Implementing column level and prompt Level Security on OBIEE

How the column level and prompt level security can be implemented on a request so that one same report has different column and prompt visibility to the user roles? For example, Manager role should see all the columns and his data(like only his regions under him) and agent should see only detail data but not… [Continue Reading]

OBIEE 11G – New Features


While going through this new release for OBIEE 11g (, there are several new features. Before installing or upgrading to this new release everyone should go through these new features. Static Resources: The Static Resources Mode and Static Resources Location fields were added to the BI Presentation Services Connection wizard to allow you to specify… [Continue Reading]

Importing Excel File Into OBIEE 11g

Created an Excel file in Excel 2007 and saved it as as Excel 97-2000 format. Used this Excel file as a data source for OBIEE 11g and created physical table, logical table and presentation table. In OBIEE Admin Tool, the row counts and data can be viewed from within the OBIEE Admin Tool when checking… [Continue Reading]

Connecting to Oracle Datasource with Linux 64bit on OBIEE11g

On windows many people can know how to connect to Oracle Datasource but very few people know how to connect to oracle datasource with Linux 64bit machine… Following are the steps that show’s you on Linux environment 64 bit machine- how to connect to oracle datasource 1) Install Years of HRP built up before then… [Continue Reading]

Why ‘Usage Tracking’ stops working sometime? How and when?

  “Usage Tracking stops because the specified Usage Tracking table contained the wrong number of columns” Error When Using Usage Tracking In OBIEE 11g You are OBIEE migrating form 10g to 11g. Usage tracking is already implemented in 10g and is working fine. You implemented usage tracking in 11g environment according to documentation but S_NQ_ACCT… [Continue Reading]